I am very proud to be featured in a new documentary film, VEGAS BABY, which follows several of my patients gambling on infertility treatment and the emotional, physical and financial costs involved.  Amanda Micheli, the director, has struggled with infertility herself, so in addition to being an Oscar-nominated filmmaker, she brings an empathetic eye and a passion for raising awareness. The film will be available on iTunes on Mother’s Day, this Sunday May 14th at this link: http://bit.ly/2VEGASBABY and is available for pre-orders now. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2016 and after a year on the film festival circuit is finally available to the public. Through a partnership with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, VEGAS BABY has been screening in theaters across the country. I saw the film premiere in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago and was incredibly moved by it. (I was so proud of the contribution made by Linda Vignapiano RN— undoubtedly she is the star!) The documentary allows a rare, intimate view into the incredible ups and downs you all go through on your “journeys from Infertility to family.” For me it was a reality check, an eye-opener; even after 35 years in the IVF field, frankly, I was moved to tears by seeing up-close what people go through behind the scenes. It is something I will carry with me long after I retire, in a year or so from now There is a great deal that is good about this field, but there is also a great deal that needs improvement and which we as medical providers need to recognize and address, going forward. Seeing VEGAS BABY actually inspired me to write my memoir when I finally retire: a “tell all” book on the subject, and in it I promise to reveal all, the good with the bad. I strongly urge couples grappling with infertility to make a concerted effort to view this incredible documentary — and more importantly perhaps, invite a friend or loved one who “doesn’t get it” to join you. These are the people that we need to reach the most. For more information and updates about the film, follow VEGAS BABY on social media at @vegasbabyfilm or go to vegasbabyfilm.com.