How to Interpret Success

There are several ways to calculate IVF success rates, but all are essentially calculated by dividing the number of favorable results (number of live births, for example) by the number of procedures performed (number of embryo transfers, for example). Even in a single fertility center, success rates can vary depending on how the end point is determined, and on which procedure is used as a base. It is important to keep in mind that success rates greatly depend upon which patients a center is willing to treat. For example, one center may counsel all patients above a certain age or FSH level to avoid working with their own eggs, while other centers may actually specialize in treating these more difficult patient scenarios. Another factor that comes into play is the number of embryos transferred. Most clinics today will err on the side of caution and transfer only one embryo at a time to avoid a multiple gestation, while others are more aggressive in their approach.

These are questions each patient should ask of their prospective fertility specialist.

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