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Embryo Implantation Dysfunction

Dr. Sher discusses embryo implantation dysfunction with Eloise Edington from Fertility Help Hub . Implantation dysfunction – why, how and next steps, all covered in our expert Q&A. Dr. Sher himself led the very first study on endometrial thickness and its impact on implantation in 1989, so there’s really no-one better to chat about this complex area of reproductive health.

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Many questions arise during this process. Those assigned male at birth who are looking to become parents may wonder about the egg donation and surrogacy process. And those assigned female at birth may have questions relating to carrying a child, embryo creation, donor sperm, egg donor, etc. There are many fertility options available.

True Fertility Innovators

Drs. Sher and Tortoriello are recognized innovators in the field of Reproductive medicine. They have separately and collectively been responsible for numerous break-throughs in the IVF arena. Their advice and treatment have helped numerous patients, whose prior fertility efforts had failed, go “From Infertility to Family”.

Dr. Geoffrey Sher

Associate Medical Director

Dr. Drew Tortoriello

Medical Director

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Treatment Cycles with Dr. Sher

In addition to his online consultations, Dr. Sher provides hands on treatment conducted on a quarterly basis at Sher Fertility Solutions – NY.

2022 Dates:

March 22nd – April 3rd
June 10th – June 24th
August 25th – September 8th
November 30th – December 14th

From Our Patients

Dr. Sher Recommendation

Hi- I happily recommend Dr. Sher and his team. He came recommended to me by my sister after I had a negative experience with another clinic close by me. I didn’t think I wanted to travel to attempt to freeze embryos/eggs but it ended up being a better choice to go with a better Dr and team. My negative experience with my previous clinic had to do with not having much access to the doctor, the process dragging out for about a year and which ultimately culminated with them pausing the process due to my weight which had never previously been communicated to me as an issue. When I switch to Dr....

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IVF success

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for several years. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and recurrent pregnancy loss. We had been to multiple fertility clinics over the years without success. We were ready to quit the whole process when I was talking to a colleague and they suggested Dr. Sher as their son and daughter in law were able to get get pregnant after years of trying. We decided to set up a consultation, and we spent over an hour on zoom discussing every detail from the last several years of treatment. We had never spent that long with a physician. He then sent a...

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Dr. Sher helped us go from 0 to 4 euploid embryos

I am 40 yo, TTC for 2.5 years, have had 1 miscarriage after natural conception. I was a patient at CCRM Denver/LoneTree, where I did 4 IUI cycles with Clomid, and 1 IVF cycle. In my last IVF cycle with CCRM, we retrieved 11 mature eggs, resulting in 6 blastocysts, but all were aneuploid. I was devastated. When we regrouped with our RE at CCRM, she said there was nothing about my protocol that she would change, and that I "just didn't win the genetic lottery." I was frustrated and extremely disappointed. I suspected something about the cycle was compromising my egg quality, so I started doing...

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My IVF Journey

I began my IVF journey the beginning of 2020 after trying to get pregnant for 2 years where I had zero success. I started here in Las Vegas with a fertility doc and went through the whole process… the retrieval and then onto the transfers. I had 2 transfers and both failed. Embryos didn’t even try to implant. After talking about the next steps with this doctor and I learned that she wouldn’t change up the process and just keep on trying the same things. From that point on, I knew I needed a different opinion. I was recommended to Dr. Sher from 2 different people in my life during this time....

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Dr. Sher Fully Investigated My Case Where Others Were Quick To Dismiss Me

We are currently in the middle of IVF treatment with Dr. Sher and we’ve had an exceptional experience with him and his team so far. Prior to working with Dr. Sher, I had a few consultations with other doctors. I was quickly dismissed as an easy case because I’m young, healthy and have high egg reserves. Dr. Sher took nearly an hour to go through my health history with me and identified a problem that other doctors were quick to overlook. He sent me for extensive follow-on testing, again something other doctors were not willing to do, which helped us feel comfortable moving forward with IVF....

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My Miracle Baby

Twenty-one years ago, I consulted with your office after being turned away from the first doctor I saw for IVF and after consulting with another practice whose doctor told me that it would be like whipping a dead horse to get me pregnant. Refusing to give up and give in, I did my research and came across Dr. Sher. I called, explained my situation, had my medical records forwarded to your office, and within weeks, Dr. Sher himself made a phone call to me personally. We spoke on the phone for 30 minutes and he told me I would never get pregnant doing what the other doctor had been doing. After...

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Dr. Tortoriello/Dr. T/Miracle Worker

Where do I begin? Sean and I will never be able to put into words how much you have helped us in such a short period of time, and how you solved missing pieces to our puzzle. We came to you in January, lost, upset, angry and confused and now we leave you hopeful, excited and parents to be. After two miscarriages, two retrievals, two failed transfers, many procedures and surgery, you somehow looked at our story, made changes, found answers we were desperate for and made our third transfer the "third times a charm". Your expertise, patience, availability and caring personality is beyond. Thank...

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Dr. T

I cannot recommend Dr. Tortoriello and his team at Sher more highly. Dr. T is an excellent doctor, very kind, compassionate, patient, always listens to what you have to say including answering many questions during each visit, is very responsive to e-mails, and did not let us give up hope after being unable to conceive after about 5 years and a few IVF attempts. The nurses and staff at Sher, including Cecilia and Bushra, also could not have been more helpful and compassionate. After a failed IVF attempt Dr. T recommended we consult with a reproductive immunologist (as he suspected the issue...

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Dr. Sher & Staff

Dr. Sher & Patti, Here I am again, writing a review a few months after! I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve at a younger age. A previous fertility specialist told me that my chances of having healthy eggs were slim. He also told me that he would not invest time into me for more than 1-2 IVF rounds because he did not need my money as he thought I was wasting my time. He did not feel I had a good chance of having my own biological child. He pushed an egg donor on me before even starting IVF. IVF was not successful with him and the protocols he was using. He was not supportive...

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Thank you Dr. Drew and team

Just couldn’t let a day go by without expressing my gratitude and sincere thanks to the amazing Dr. Drew and his team for their dedication to my personal care 5 years ago as a 45 year old Mom-to-be! Our Daughter is our world and we’re so blessed that Dr. Drew and his team cared for us on our journey. We highly recommend Dr. Drew and his team!

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