Egg Freezing and Fertility Preservation

There are many reasons why patients may need to preserve their fertility. For some, it may be a focus on education and career delays and for others it may be due to an illness. Although the decline in reproductive potential that occurs with age cannot be reversed, freezing your eggs at a younger age may allow the eggs to be preserved until you are ready to conceive. While there are no guarantees, using cryopreserved eggs may improve your chances for pregnancy in the future.

Reasons for Fertility Preservation

  • Women who desire to start a family later in life
  • Professionals and athletes with other personal goals who need to delay child bearing
  • Medical reasons, including cancer treatment
  • Additional personal reasons that have delayed family planning

Fertility Preservation Process

  1. Fertility Preservation consultation
  2. Work-up and blood work
  3. Retrieval of oocytes (eggs)
  4. Egg or embryo freezing and storage
  5. When you are ready to attempt a pregnancy the eggs are thawed, fertilized and transferred into the uterus