I began my IVF journey the beginning of 2020 after trying to get pregnant for 2 years where I had zero success. I started here in Las Vegas with a fertility doc and went through the whole process… the retrieval and then onto the transfers. I had 2 transfers and both failed. Embryos didn’t even try to implant. After talking about the next steps with this doctor and I learned that she wouldn’t change up the process and just keep on trying the same things. From that point on, I knew I needed a different opinion. I was recommended to Dr. Sher from 2 different people in my life during this time. One of them was an actual patient of Dr. Sher’s who has a 9 year old son now and the other was a friend of Dr. Sher’s colleague. I decided to do a consultation with Dr. Sher to just see what he has to say. After getting him my medical records from my previous doctor, he looked over everything and had a plan. The plan he had was sooo different and more detailed than my previous doctor. He wanted to do more test to rule out anything first and to know how to approach the situation with what my husband and I had going on internally. Everything he was saying made sense to me. After that initially talk with Dr. Sher, my husband and I signed up with him and we’re excited to try his different approach. We found out sooo much more information with Dr. Sher than with our previous doctor. He told us that my husband had too many antibodies in his sperm that it was impossible to get pregnant on our own which the last doctor never mentioned. He also told me I had over activated NK cells in my uterus to where the embryos couldn’t implant inside the uterus which my last doctor didn’t even test me for!!!!! And on top of that, my AMH level did not match my age so we needed to move fast on getting those eggs out. Dr. Sher reassured us and said all these things are fixable and can work with this but just needing to act fast bc my egg quality was diminishing. With all these known factors, Dr. Sher came up with a protocol for me. After feeling defeated with the last doctor, Dr. Sher gave me hope and never gave up. After 3 retrievals and on my 6th transfer, I finally got my first HCG numbers on the board!!! Dr. Sher tried different things until something worked! I have gotten my first positive pregnancy test EVER at age 35! It feels so surreal bc I was losing hope. Dr. Sher never gave up on me and told me this isn’t over yet. I’m crying as I’m writing this bc I was almost at that point of giving up and thinking this wasn’t in the cards for me. I can’t thank Dr. Sher and his staff enough for getting me and my husband this far. I know I’m still not out of the weeds yet with a second beta test and getting through that first trimester but today is huge step for me. My body is finally doing something now to where I have hope!!! Thank you Dr. Sher, Patti, Cecilia, Marian, Bushra and staff for making this all happen and being one step closer of having a family into a reality! Hugs