We are currently in the middle of IVF treatment with Dr. Sher and we’ve had an exceptional experience with him and his team so far. Prior to working with Dr. Sher, I had a few consultations with other doctors. I was quickly dismissed as an easy case because I’m young, healthy and have high egg reserves. Dr. Sher took nearly an hour to go through my health history with me and identified a problem that other doctors were quick to overlook. He sent me for extensive follow-on testing, again something other doctors were not willing to do, which helped us feel comfortable moving forward with IVF. My two favorite things about Dr. Sher are that he is very good about being available for questions or concerns (I’ve called his cell phone many times) and he does the in-person monitoring prior to the procedure himself, so it was always very clear how he felt we were progressing as we went through the process. I also want to note his nursing team in NY is exceptional everyone we encountered was kind, knowledgeable, responsive and so helpful in terms of guiding us through this delicate process. In working with Dr. Sher, he proved to us that his experience in this space is unrivaled and we’re hopeful that our IVF experience with him will result in achieving our family goals!