Twenty-one years ago, I consulted with your office after being turned away from the first doctor I saw for IVF and after consulting with another practice whose doctor told me that it would be like whipping a dead horse to get me pregnant. Refusing to give up and give in, I did my research and came across Dr. Sher. I called, explained my situation, had my medical records forwarded to your office, and within weeks, Dr. Sher himself made a phone call to me personally. We spoke on the phone for 30 minutes and he told me I would never get pregnant doing what the other doctor had been doing. After our conversation, he sent me a letter outlining exactly what he thought needed to be done in order for me to get pregnant. I took that letter to another doctor and showed them the letter and said this is what I want to do. I had the insurance to pay for this, I was actually carrying two insurance policies to cover the procedure and medicines. I told her of my experience with the first office and how I should be the one to make the decision of when I wanted to give up on my desire to get pregnant. She agreed and we followed Dr. Sher’s instructions. I got pregnant my second cycle. A true miracle! The doctor told me that I was in a medical blue book because at the time, no amount of Follistum had been administered to a woman going through IVF. So, I cannot thank Dr. Sher enough for the gift he gave me. I have my beautiful daughter solely because he cared enough to listen and had the expertise in the field of infertility to make my pregnancy a possibility. He’s a saint! I would gladly give a review of Dr. Sher and his practice.