I am 40 yo, TTC for 2.5 years, have had 1 miscarriage after natural conception. I was a patient at CCRM Denver/LoneTree, where I did 4 IUI cycles with Clomid, and 1 IVF cycle. In my last IVF cycle with CCRM, we retrieved 11 mature eggs, resulting in 6 blastocysts, but all were aneuploid. I was devastated. When we regrouped with our RE at CCRM, she said there was nothing about my protocol that she would change, and that I “just didn’t win the genetic lottery.” I was frustrated and extremely disappointed. I suspected something about the cycle was compromising my egg quality, so I started doing my research on stim protocol effecting egg quality.

I heard Dr. Geoffrey Sher on a few podcasts, and he spoke about how every woman should receive an individualized protocol based on her history and profile. I reached out to the wonderful Patti Converse, who was responsive, empathetic and supportive. Patti was able to expedite a Zoom call with Dr. Sher, and my husband and I spent 75 minutes with Dr. Sher discussing my background and previous protocols (I don’t even think my previous RE spent a total of an hour with me after 4 IUIs and 1 IVF cycle). Over the course of our 1 hour 15 min call, Dr. Sher very clearly explained to us his perspective, his approach, and how Clomid is not an appropriate medication in my case. We discussed what our potential protocol would be with Dr. Sher, and he gave us his personal cell phone and encouraged us to call with any questions. A few weeks later, I called Dr. Sher’s cell phone when I had some questions about the pro’s and con’s of PGS testing. He spent 20 minutes discussing PGS/PGT-A testing with me, patiently answering my questions and concerns.

We moved forward with an IVF cycle with Dr. Sher in New York, where he did my monitoring appointments, measuring each follicle himself over the course of 4 days. The time, attention and quality of care w/ Dr. Sher was totally different than my previous clinic. We retrieved 8 mature eggs, resulting in 4 blastocysts and ALL were eulpoid/normal!!!! When Dr. Sher called to tell me the news, he was genuinely overjoyed and I was in tears. He is truly an expert in the field, but more importantly, he is a caring and communicative practitioner. I am also extremely grateful for the care team. Our nurse, Cecilia, has been absolutely wonderful to work with, and everyone in the office is so warm and friendly. I have had a phenomenal experience with Sher Fertility, and now we get to move into our transfer calendar – with a very strong chance at building our family. Thank you, Dr. Sher, for helping us bring our rainbow babies into the world. We are so happy and so excited.