Hello Dr. Sher,

I’m hoping you can provide me some insight and comfort. Quick history – I have had 6 early losses prior to 7 weeks over 4 years. After a lot of testing and trials with my RE, we went towards IVF. 3 cycles – one failed, one miscarriage, and one live birth. After the second transfer, we reached out to another doctor who was able to get some immune testing done for us. We learned I had elevated NK cells and my husband and I were a partial DQa match. I was prescribed intralipids prior to transfer and up until 24 weeks. We now have a healthy 2 year old!

Fast forward to now – we were looking into trying for a second child, likely through IVF, when we fell pregnant naturally! I am currently 9 weeks, when I had never gotten past 7 weeks prior to my son. When learning I was pregnant, I contacted my RE since she had been through everything with us before, and she allowed me to go on Prednisone starting at 10mg and increased to 15mg. Her hands are tied by her practice in that she cannot prescribe intralipids. She also informed me that it has gotten more difficult to get infusions for some reason in Pennsylvania (I confirmed this with the infusion company I had used previously).

My question is, what is the likelihood that I can carry this pregnancy full term without intralipids and only on prednisone (am I taking enough and when would I wean)? I also take baby aspirin, Claritin, Pepcid, and Benadryl (antihistamine protocol). I’m grateful for this pregnancy, but am so afraid of a late term loss.

Thank you for your time!