Hello doctor; i am 32 yo female, amh 1.59 ng/ml.

Partner 32 years old with varicocele, 0 morphology and very low count. (Impossible to check for dna fragmentation)

I am Insulin resistant, on metformin 750 for 5 months now with no results. No pcos, BMI 22.

Had 1 failed icsi (we did picsi and used calcium). 8 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized, 2 reached day 3 compact stage; both arrested by day 5.
Did estrogen priming. Afc 7.
My protocol started on day 2 from menstrual cycle:
Day1: Cetrotide 0.25 morning ; gonal f 250 evening
Day2: Same
Day 3: Same
Day 4: same
Day 5: same (estradiol 2380 pg/ml)
Day 6: Cetrotide 0.25 morning; gonal f 75 evening; decapeptyle 0.1 (2 injections) at 24:00.
Day 7: nothing
Day 8: egg retrieval.

Please kindly write me what do you think about this protocol. Could it have contributed to failed cycle?

I thank you in advance and look forward to your response.
Best regards,