Dear doctor Sher

I am a 44.5 femal, suffering from secondary repeated miscarriages due to alloiimunity (dq-alpha gene match + extremly elevated nk cells).

Right now I am going through the 7th miscarriage. I had the 6th miscarriage on October 23. Failed on immune protocols.
Cannot use steroids as i had adison crises and ovarian damage due to steroids overload. Took me a lot of time to recover (with a lot of hard work on my side).

I would like to use the service of a gestational carrier with my own eggs.
I get pregnant naturally but barely respond to hormons (if at all).

What kind of medications and stimulation protocol would you offer me to use?
You write about a trigger with 2 ovidral injections, is it in use alongside with 2 decapeptile or just 2 ovidrals?

I am overseas therefore I cannot do the ivf at your clinic.

Your advice is deeply appreciated,