Dear Dr. Sher,

My periods are getting shorter (around 20 days). Since December, my doctor has been doing this: (already three consecutive times now) starts the Estradiol pretreatment, FSH, Ganirelix and Omnitrope and then stops after a couple of days, and cancels everything, because the antral follicle count is too low. (5 and 2, 5 and 1, 5 and 0)

Is the canceling that is causing my periods to be so short, or is my fertility age ending? I just turned 43-year-old, but I got an euploid last September. (which failed to implant) Should I give it a rest, wait a month, and then try again to be a mother, or time is crucial now?

Also, do shorter periods recruit fewer follicles?

Thanks for being so kind on helping us all. We are all deeply honored and thankful for getting guidance from the number one expertise on the field.

Anne C