Hi Dr Sher. I am from New Zealand and almost 2 years on in my fertility journey. I’m 42 now and have 3 children of my own. My husband has 1. We are both fit and healthy. I’ve always had a history of irregular cycles and heavy periods. We have had 2 full rounds of IVF retrieving up to 6 eggs each time. All fertilise, some last to 5 day blastocyst. Everything seems to go well until transfer and I fall pregnant with low HCG and then miscarry. I’ve been asking my clinic to review why implantation always fails. My uterus must not be receptive. I’ve asked for a d and c as my last period came very heavy and clots. We have 1 good embryo left from this last cycle and I’d love to know more and see if I can do more than pessaries afterwards. Failing this next transfer we’re not wealthy people but would consider like my friend Verity did which you gave her a boy, plan a full cycle with yourself or your recommendation before it’s too late. My AMH was also good. I would be truly blessed to hear from you, Barbara