I’m 36 and doing IVF with PGT-A and PGT-M to avoid passing on a genetic condition I’m a carrier for. I don’t have any identified fertility issues and have had a viable natural pregnancy before at age 34. I’ve had a two normal saline songrams and everything else looks good on paper for my age. But, my husband was found to have high double strand DNA fragmentation – although not so high that we couldn’t use Zymot. I have two Day 6 euploid embryos and two Day 7 euploid embryos from 3 cycles of IVF. We’ve had early blastocysts on Day 5 but never anything that’s more progressed than that. Our embryos seem to grow more slowly, but we are able to produce euploids.

Could slow embryo development (either due to my age or husband’s sperm) mean that our embryos are less likely to work despite being euploid?

Also, what is your opinion on Day 7 euploids?