Hi Dr Sher

I’m 43 year old woman with PCOS and Type 2 Diabetes and have endometrial hyperplasia atypia. My doctor initially recommend a hysterectomy but I would like to have a family. I realise I will likely require IVF once the hyperplasia is under control due to my age and medical history.

I have undergone multiple hysteroscopy procedures and had the Mirena coil fitted anumber of times. At first the thickness of the lining decreased but more recently that hasn’t happened. In August 2023 hysteroscopy showed that the thickness had increased and i had the previous coil replaced with another. I was prescribed Provera 200mg three times daily to help this issue.

I am having a check up very soon after being on this medication for 10 weeks, and my question to you Dr Sher is, would this be the same way you would approach the issue of a patient with endometrial hyperplasia atypia who would like to have a family? When would I be clear to go forward with IVF? One clinic has recommended egg/embryo banking sooner rather than later.

I have been unable to find a lot of helpful information and want to be sure there’s nothing further I should try or questions to ask my doctor. Any advice would be appreciated.