I was diagnosed with DOR at age 29 with AMH 0.3 (AMH stable x 3yr, FSH ~12), otherwise no reproductive abnormalities for myself or my husband. Over the past 2yr, I have completed 12 rounds of IVF – the first 6 were poor response with only 1-3 follicles appearing mature on imaging and estrogen levels (medium and high antagonist, flare protocol, and mini IVF), trigger with 10k HCG + lupron and only 2 germinal vesicles retrieved. Next 6 cycles moved to high dose antagonist at a new clinic with 4-9 mature follicles per cycles, trigger with 20k HCG/lupron x2 each retrieval at 36-38hr and 12h later, with 0-3 eggs retrieved, all germinal vesicle stage. Is there anything that can be added? Are further IVF attempts futile? Is timed intercourse futile?

Thank you.