Hi Dr Sher, many thanks for your advice and information. Today is my official pregnancy test day, 16 days after egg collection and I am thankfully testing positive. My clinic have now advised I stop taking the aspirin and do not start the inhixa, but rather wait and test again on Monday, 19days post egg collection, and if it’s still positive to soeak to the recurrent miscarriage consultant for advice. This doctor is the one who said I was borderline APA and prescribed the inhixa to take after a positive pregnancy test so I’m very confused.

My Anticardiolipin results were 23.9 in October and 12.0 in January.

Can you please advise if I should stop the aspirin and wait a few days or go ahead with the Inhixa? Would there be an increased risk of miscarriage in stopping the aspirin? Or should I do as my clinic have advised and stop everythig except progesterone and wait until Monday?

Many thanks for any info or advice