Hi Dr Sher, I’m hoping you can help me, I’ve been reading your info on IID and the use of baby aspirin and clexane, and think it could apply to me. I’m 30 years old and have recently conceived after ICSI with donor sperm. I’ve previously suffered recurrent chemical pregnancy loss with donor insemination using a different donor. I have been told i was ‘borderline’ APA syndrome and was 1 point over the range limit and so have been prescribed Inhixa and advised to begin injections 2 weeks after my embryo transfer, which is tomorrow. I have got clear positive home pregnancy tests from 2 weeks after egg collection but I have been taking aspirin since egg retrival and have experienced spotting, which is likely to be from a cervical erosion, and nose bleeds. I have also been advised to continue progesterone pessaries until 16 weeks gestation.

Do you think the aspirin could have contributed to the nose bleeds and spotting? And should I go ahead and start the clexane/inhixa on the proposed date? I’m concerned that as I’m borderline APA it may not be necessary, could taking the inhixa cause harm? I would appreciate any advice.
Many thanks, Nat