I found Dr. Sher after spending nearly 4 years spinning my wheels with secondary infertility, IVF, recurrent pregnancy loss, and failed embryo transfers. We were on the verge of calling it quits before I came across some of his case studies that sounded quite familiar to my medical history and experiences. I reached out to Patti on a whim and gratefully got in quickly for a Skype consult on a cancellation. He had thoroughly reviewed my entire reproductive medical history, which in and of itself felt so very validating. When he said “I suspect I know what your issues are and have seen many cases like this before” I nearly fainted. He recommended testing via reprosource to confirm what he suspected. We conceived unbeknownst to us in the same time period and with the lab results coming back confirming what Dr Sher suspected, we were able to onboard an immune protocol and for the first time after three consecutive losses made it past our first ultrasound. We welcomed our happy healthy baby last year. Having the answers gave me such peace of mind  and hope. And now the final piece of our little family is complete.