I sought out Dr. Sher after a failed IVF cycle in San Diego that included 3 FETs with 5 PGS tested normal blastocysts. My doctor, who was a friendly and lovely person, wanted to use the exact same protocol for a second round of IVF as we did for the first. You know what they say about the definition if insanity … doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. After scouring the internet, I came across Dr. Sher and his extensive, readily-available articles on immunological reasons for implantation failure. And he was right there is Las Vegas (well not right there…it was a five hour drive.) But every mile was worth it because after one egg retrieval and one FET (I’ve never done fresh transfers because I am high risk for OHSS), I was pregnant with my daughter who is now a energetic two-year-old!!

Fast-forward to late 2019/ early 2020, I was ready to try for a second baby, and I thought Dr. Sher had retired, because I knew that we were among the last patients he saw. So, I started a new round of IVF with a different doctor, using a protocol similar to the one we used with Dr. Sher. But after two early miscarriages, I was scouring the internet again, only to find out that Dr. Sher’s retirement hadn’t lasted (too many years of knowledge to keep to himself), and he was actually at it again! We are beginning a round of testing to help pinpoint what is going on, though he already has a specific and clearly laid out idea of what he believes is happening.

And that is really the difference between Dr. Sher and the two other doctors we’ve seen: an abundance of information, attention to every detail, an individualized protocol and approach, unparalleled communication (he gives you his personal number), and me being left with the feeling that he is actually listening.