February 2022

Dear Dr. Sher,

Shauna and I wanted to write to you and let you know how grateful we are to have met you. You along with Patti are amazing people and we thank you for all your help over the past three years.
As you know our journey started in Chicago with many different doctors. After three years of many, many rounds of IVF with well over 100 eggs retrieved, 12 transfers and no success, we knew we had to look in another direction.

In our research we found you. After three years of great disappointment and not much hope, we were skeptical to start over with a new team, but at that point we really didn’t have many other options.

From the time we meet you on our first online video call, we felt that you were genuine, showed great interest in helping us and presented an honest approach that you would try your best to help us have a child of our own. You did an amazing job of reviewing our history and providing treatment plans. From a distance, you were able to coordinate testing and provide feedback after all of our rounds.

After three years of many miscarriages and no luck at all, we were broken, hurt and very tired. Other doctors told us to look into gestational surrogacy or adopt, because we would never be able to have a child together. You recommended one embryo transfer at a time because of our alloimmune immunologic implantation issue. So, we decided to go back and do one final transfer in April 2021. If we didn’t have any success, it was going to be time for us to give up for good. It had just been too long and hard of a road for us.

Well, here we are today, December 15, 2021. Whether it was your protocol over the couple years of treatment or just the luck of the angels up above, you helped give us the gift of a family. We sit here in the maternity suite of our local hospital waiting for our little baby girl to arrive. You helped make our dream of having a child come true. We will never forget you and the insight you provided. You were compassionate, and honest. Christmas 2020 we were siting in a hotel room hoping and praying for a miracle and now on Christmas 2021 we will be home with our brand new baby girl.

Please share our story with others that may be experiencing a difficult and hopeless journey. We hope our story inspires them. Never give up, have a great medical team, keep a solid support system close and pray. It only takes 1 embryo to give the gift of life.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You for everything.

D.S Chicago, Illinois