Dr. Sher & Patti,
Here I am again, writing a review a few months after! I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve at a younger age. A previous fertility specialist told me that my chances of having healthy eggs were slim. He also told me that he would not invest time into me for more than 1-2 IVF rounds because he did not need my money as he thought I was wasting my time. He did not feel I had a good chance of having my own biological child. He pushed an egg donor on me before even starting IVF. IVF was not successful with him and the protocols he was using. He was not supportive nor did he believe in me. I had a gut feeling that I was meant to be a mother and I needed to expand my journey. I felt that I needed to find the right fertility specialist.
When I met Dr. Sher, he was warm and positive. He looked at my results and he told me that he could help me. He believed in me! It was a little nerve wracking to take a leap of faith and fly to a different country and try a different protocol. His protocol is tailored to women with this condition and it is not cookie cutter. It is very specific. His protocol is based on years of experience and he believes in what he does. After working with him, I realize that many protocols for diminished ovarian reserve are cookie cutter and compromise eggs than help them.
I did one round of IVF with him and boy did he deliver! I ended up with 4 healthy embryos. I went from being told I would probably never have a biological child to a failed IVF to meeting Dr. Sher and he gave me 4 healthy embryos!
Dr. Sher is very talented and he has a big heart. This man truly is in your corner rooting for you and he never wants you to stress. He would tell me “Don’t stress, that’s my job!”. He makes you feel completely comfortable to call him anytime you need him. He truly wants to help you have a baby. You can have complete faith in him that he will try his very best to help you. His team in NY at SFS is great. All the nurses and staff are so welcoming and warm. They go above and beyond to help you.
Patti, Dr. Sher’s right hand, is absolutely wonderful. She is very personable and she is right next to him cheering you on. She will help you with anything and she is the kindest. She gets excited for you every step of the way. They were both next to one another when they called me with the good news and told me they wished they could reach out and give me a hug. Everyone was happy!
This journey is very hard and emotional as anyone reading this would know. However, I would never go anywhere else and would follow Dr. Sher and his team across the world if I had to. They have made my journey so much better.

-Nat R.