I work at Sher Fertility Solutions in New York City and I wanted to give a voice to all the wonderful patients that I get the honor of interacting with.  Although I have had the pleasure of working with both men and women, this piece is about women who have or are going through fertility treatments or may do so in the future. It is not the story of ONE woman, it is the story of MANY.  It is a collaborative summary of discussions I have had with friends, family, and patients.  I have sat across a couch or desk and “heard” their stories. I can feel their emotions but I can’t say that I know exactly what each person is going through as each story is different and unique. Our Doctors and our team are with them on their journey, or better known as their “path to parenthood”, both emotionally and physically. This is their story…


You have always wanted to have a family for as long as you can remember. You have tried for what seems like “forever”, but it is just not happening.  You are tired, frustrated, scared, and simply at the point that you don’t know what to do.  Then you hear this statement from your OBGYN, “I think it is time to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist” and you really are not sure what that all means.

And so, your journey begins!

You research and talk to several fertility centers until you come across one that really resonates with you.  You walk into our offices at 425 5th Ave. in New York and open the doors to the 3rd Floor and you know you are HOME.

You are here to see Dr. Drew Tortoriello, SFS Medical Director, and this day is the first day of a new life as you know it.

Don’t worry, you are in good hands!

Dr. Tortoriello, aka Dr. T, is an outstanding physician that you will find to be very personable and compassionate, who takes care to ensure that you have the most cutting-edge fertility treatments at your disposal and moreover, that you feel comfortable and involved throughout the entire process.

Besides his academic and professional background, he is a doctor that puts his heart and soul into each and every patient.  He sits with you, he listens to you, he cares about you and most importantly, he is there for you every step of the way.

Starting a family can be a very exciting time in your life but taking the first steps can be stressful. He will customize a treatment plan, along with the team at Sher Fertility Solutions, to guide you along your new path.

You are scared and confused.  How much will this cost?  How long does this take? What will this do to my body?  How many attempts will I need?  Your questions are endless… Our team will help you with the answers!

You are NOT going through this alone.  You are now part of our family and as such we are here for you. Each visit is by appointment, and you will never have to deal with massive early morning crowds. You will see Dr. Tortoriello, your physician, at every visit, and have reliable access to the most accessible and dependable team.

Your journey is your journey and yours to steer. You are the Captain, and we are the Copilots. There may be days ahead that you may cry and there may be days ahead that you will breathe and realize you are going through something special, and we are here to “hold your hand” and let you know that we truly care.

Wherever you are in your family planning, our doors are open and most importantly, we understand!

Your Journey. Your Family.