Aloha Dr. Sher! I just finished a second IVF cycle that was a total failure. I just turned 41, AMH .6, FSH 15, AFC 5. I had three follicles that were 17-20 at trigger but only retrieved one egg that had abnormally shaped cytoplasm and did not fertilize normally (no PN). First IVF I had 7 eggs retrieved but five were post-mature and the two good ones resulted in 7-8 cell embryos transferred via FET ending in chemical. I have read a lot on your DOR protocols and am wondering if with the right protocol, you would still say it’s worth trying given my numbers and age. I am located in Hawaii and willing to explore all options at this point because of lack of options here. I have a hard time finding a REI provider that doesn’t have strong opinions about certain protocols. This last cycle was insistent on using 100mg Clomid for five days after testosterone patch priming, which I think may have contributed to the horrible quality? Thanks for any input!