My partner and I have had a friend that was successful at your clinic (Michelle and Steve Christie) and we are exploring a child together but do not have the funds to have it not be successful going back and forth with Canadian clinics like the Christies did.

My partner has two previous children from a marriage that are 10 and 13 (girls) and has had a vasectomy. We would like to have a child together but he is very concerned about the pain and healing of a vasectomy reversal as well as the success of it.

He has a sex preference of a boy (which my friends had selected at your clinic) I dont, but he does. I have a little concern about my fertility ( I am 37 and he is 39) and I am not on birth control and have not used oral contraceptives for years as there was not need. I was told I may have a but of andrometreosis (as I sometimes have pain after intense orgasms) but other than that I am of normal health.

What are our best options, costs etc. ?

Thank you.