My doctor tested my progesterone (P) levels 1 day after 5 day transfer and said it was 103 (Canadian units) but that it should be 50-100. He dropped my dose from 50 mg PIO to 12.5 mg without rechecking it again until beta 2 weeks later (also on 200mg P vaginally 3x/d). I’m concerned it will now drop too low and won’t be checked again until it’s too late to rescue. I’m testing on home tests now and it’s showing positive but very faint and not getting darker. I’m currently 7 days post transfer. My question is: 1) would you have dropped my PIO dose that much when my level was only slightly above range? I thought there’s no such thing as too high P after transfer 2) is it common to even test P levels right after transfer and adjust? I’ve always just done standard 50 mg PIO daily with my successful transfers without adjustments. 3) do you think i should push to check my P levels before my beta test? Worried this will cause me to have a chemical pregnancy. TIA!