Hi Dr Sher, I’ve been following your work for some time and I really hope you can help. I’m based in the UK and have just had my second unsuccessful IVF cycle in Prague (first IVF was with the NHS and was unsuccessful, and so was the subsequent FET). I’m 38 y/o and have an 18 year old from a previous relationship, no issues with conception. I’m now with a different partner who has no fertility issues. I have endometriosis, and after reading your work I feel I have an autoimmune or implantation issue as I have now had 3 good quality embryo transfers with no positive tests.

My most recent IVF cycle in Jan 2023 – I was taking 225 Gonal F from day 2 of my menstrual cycle, and fyremadel/orgalutran from Day 7. I was on Gonal F for 12 days, I had 14 follicles, 6 eggs were collected, all fertilised via ICSI, and one grade 5AB embryo was transferred on Day 5 and 3 embryos frozen. I experienced pink staining 6 days after embryo transfer, by 7 days post ET it was light brown. A blood test 7 days post embryo transfer showed no hcg, and heavy bleeding began before I got to the official test day.

The clinic suggested I have a Lymphocyte test done which showed raised CD3% at 82, CD4% at 63 and CD4 ABS at 2.28. Based on these results the clinic don’t feel I need to have an NK cell biopsy, would you agree with this assessment? They are happy for me to go ahead with a frozen embryo transfer as soon as I’m ready, and advised they would transfer my 3 remaining embryos together. I would appreciate any advice you have about the results from my Lymphocyte test, and any other options I have. I feel emotionally that I cannot go through with another fresh IVF cycle and so I want to prepare as much as possible to make my frozen transfer a success. Many thanks!