Hello. I had an egg retrieval last week – 75 eggs collected, 1/2 normal insemination and 1/2 ICSI. 0 eggs fertilized with normal insemination. In the ICSI group (38 eggs) – 25 mature, 12 fertilized, 1 graded 3BB blast at the end now sent for PGT A testing.

For background: 34F, AMH 9.59, ACF in cycle prior to IVF start was abt 35 (17/18 on each side). During stims my E2 rose rapidly and so I was placed on Cetrotide on day 4/5. Triggered with Lupron after 8 days stimulation. E2 right before trigger was >6000.

Q: Do you think my poor outcome was due to an inherent egg quality or was I overstimulated? Would a slower stimulation produce better eggs? Did Lupron make things worse?

Thank you