Hi there,

I have high TPO antibodies (around 300) and now about to embark on our IVF journey in a few weeks. It seems that I have POI and I’m 27 years old.

I am currently on 100mg of Levothyroxine and I’m keen to explore all options to inform my clinic to manage IVF AND my thyroid to achieve a successful pregnancy. As I have POI, embryo numbers are likely to be small, so I’m concerned that my antibodies and autoimmune condition are going to attack our precious embryos.

What would you recommend in terms of treatment plan for management of the antibodies. Would a series of intralipid infusions be beneficial in improving implantation rate? My partner and I are paying for 2 rounds of IVF (which is financially breaking us) and we want to make sure that we can do everything correctly, as managing a thyroid issue alongside IVF are very difficult and two separate challenges to face at the same time.

Thank you so much!