I have already had three cycles of IVF with my last one being the most successful. My protocol was 7 units omnitrope and testosterone gel with norethindrone for a few weeks before stopping norethindrone to start my cycle. I then did 300 follistim, 150 menopur, clomid 100mg and dexamethasone and cont the omnitrope. The omnitrope was increased the 35 units a few days before trigger. I also added cetrotide for GnRH antagonist. I was able to get 4 blastocysts from that, two PGT normal.
I am planning another retrieval with the same protocol however there is a national shortage of menopur. The clinic mentioned replacing menopur with micro dose HGH but I am unsure how I will respond to that since I would already be on omnitrope for priming. Is there a huge difference and would it be detrimental?