Hi Dr. Sher,

I’m 34 with history of 2 early losses last year and DOR (last AMH 1.49). I have around 16 antral follicles based on ultrasound. Just finished my first round of stims and only yielded 6 eggs. Only 1 was mature at retrieval and 4 matured overnight. The mature egg fertilized and is frozen and one of the late to mature eggs fertilized and is frozen (poorer quality—vacuoles present). I did luteal phase stimulation w/ 5 mg letrozole and Follistim 250 for about 11 days before a Lupron and pregnl trigger.

My doctor said we will tweak some things going into my next cycle but based on this information I’m wondering what you think the tweaks should be? Your opinion on what could yield more high quality/mature eggs at time of retrieval? I really appreciate your input! I heard your podcast with Dr. Aimee and have learned a lot! 🙂