Hi Dr Sher,

I hope all is well.

I just received my results for implantation tests and I was told that my vaginal microbiome was “low” – good bacteria content was low. The advice to do not do anything, just to wait a couple of months before transferring- which would be next month… I didn’t think to ask on the call – but do you think it is worth me taking probiotics of any sort.. any suggestions in that regard?

They also told me that my immune response was high and they will put me on 20mg of prednisone daily – but am wondering if that would be sufficient .. this clinic doesn’t support intralipid treatments.. should I seek intralipid treatment at another clinic to combat the immunological issues.

I’ve got two euploid embryos left and won’t be cycling again due to age, so am trying to not waste an embryo if I can help.

Any help/guidance provided is most welcome!

Many thanks,