Hi Dr.

I am undergoing a few rounds of cycle monitoring with medicated timed intercourse while I wait for my turn for funded IVF ( I live in Canada). I took Letrozole on days 2-6 of my cycle and went in for monitoring on day 9. I had two follicles measuring 16 and 14 mm and was told my LH was 24. The doctor called to say that I had to come back today because while my LH was starting to rise, my follicles were still small.

I went back today (48 hours later) and my LH dropped to 14 but my follicles increased in size to almost 18 and 19 mm. Any idea why the LH would drop? She wants me to come back tomorrow for more bloodwork and ultrasound and to possibly administer Ovidrel. Is this a bad sign that I have not yet had an LH peak, infact my LH dropped but my follicles are still growing? Does it make sense to still do the Ovidrel or should I consider this month a waste?

She confirmed that based on my bloodwork and ultrasound that I have not yet ovulated, so the issue is not that I missed my ovulation/already ovulated.

Please let me know. Many thanks!