Thanks for taking the time to provide all this info and answer questions on this blog. It’s so very much appreciated.

We just had a frozen embryo transfer cancelled due to a thin lining and excess fluid in the endometrial cavity. We were hoping for any thoughts you may have. Especially in regards to the chance of this situation recurring.

The protocol was:
– 8 mg of estrace/day (4mg 2x day) and 81 mg ASA plus prenatal vitamins.
– After 2 weeks there was an endometrial lining assessment. They deemed the lining too thin (just shy of 7mm) and increased the estrace dosage.
-A week later we returned for another lining check and they were not satisfied with its thickness and also found some fluid in the endometrium (believe they said endometrium, but perhaps they meant endometrial cavity?)

Previous healthy pregnancies: 5 year old (caesarian) and a 3 year old (vaginal).
Just over a month ago, they removed a hormonal IUD (inserted shortly after last birth), and at the same appointment had a hysteroscopy and other blood tests, which all came back fine. The protocol described above began after the first menstruation after the IUD was removed.

Now the clinic has started us on Provera 10mg, once per day for 10 days. They say a period should come within 2-14 days after finishing this. After that menstruation, they would like to start a new protocol (or to let them know if there’s no period within 14 days of ceasing the Provera).

I’m wondering your thoughts on any of this. Particularly interested in the following:
Is fluid build-up generally recurrent or episodic?
Is there anything that can be done to mitigate excess fluid buildup in the future and increase chances of the lining thickening sufficiently?

Much thanks!