Hi Dr Sher, first of all thank you for taking the time to read my question.
I am 35 years old, and I just had my 2nd failed FET. On both occasions we transferred a 5aa hatching embryo non PGT tested and we have 3 embryos on ice also good quality but not hatching. I should mention that I had the EC when I had just turned 34, both myself and my partner are healthy and fit, he is 36 years of age. We did ICSI and MFSS (microfluidic sperm sorting).
After our 1st failed FET we decided to investigate further and I had a hysteroscopy done back in November, all came back ok, and have done a test called Reproflow bloods which showed elevated NK cells and low TReg cells. My consultant had me on sitagliptin for 8 weeks and LDN 4.5mg before the transfer and said the levels were optimal prior to start stimulation for the 2nd transfer.
For my last protocol I was on estrogen 8mg per day, then dropped to 6mg after the 1st scan (day 12), prolutex inj X 2, cyclogest 400mg, crinone gel, Clexane, aspirin, dexamethasone 2mg for NK cells and intralipids 1 week before and after transfer. Also, progesterone levels were checked the day before and after transfer as well as White blood cells which were elevated after transfer. I should also mention that I have PCOS, irregular periods (very light in nature), thyroid issues (currently on 125mg eltroxin and Thybon) and have Hashimotos to top it up.
My question is, what should I do next? What tests do you think are necessary? Would you recommend transferring 2 embryos on my next transfer, will that increase my chances? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.