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Ivf failure

Dear Dr Sher, I have listened to the egg whisperer podcast and I am currently a fertility patient in a clinic in Germany. I had a successful ivf in 2020 (2nd attempt) which resulted in a healthy baby and are now back for the 2nd child. We have already had 4 transfers...

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Repeated ivf failures

Hi there I just turned 43 in January and live in Vancouver. Over the last year I have done 5 standard ivf cycles and 1 mini ivf cycle and have never gotten a blastocyst on any cycle. We did a 5 day transfer of 2 cavitating morulas one of my cycles that failed. The...

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Ivf failure

Hi Dr I am 30 years I had failed Ivf 3 times . Recently undergone Ivf and freezes 18 eggs . I have high AMH and bulky ovary. Should I go ahead and do Ivf cycle scheduled May or postponed to decrease AMH and then do. Kindly advice. Can AMH high decrease the chance of...

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IVF failure 1x

I just went through my 1st IVF transfer on 2/15/23, I have found out I failed. My uterus lining was 9+ , Embryo was 4AA. I am wondering if it’s my natural killer cells. I had Endometriosis and a Septate uterus that was fixed May 2022 before my IVF. I also have...

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2 IVF failures and 1 cancellation

I’m 36 (insulin resistant & subclinical hypothyroidism + DOR 4.0 pmol) I have been trying for 4.5 years, I have completed two ivf cycles (Gonal F 450 and Menopur 150) First ivf cycle with Testosterone gel, which resulted in 3 follicles - sadly none fertilized....

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Ivf failure and suspect endometriosis

Hi Dr Sher I have been trying to conceive for 3 years now with no success. I've recently had 1 failed ivf cycle where I began bleeding 7 days post embryo transfer. Which I believe is implantation failure. I have a history of heavy painful periods, stomach problems...

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