Hello Dr. Sher,

I just watched a video of your interview with Dr. Aimee regarding RIF. I am age 36 with 5 failed to implant IUI’s and 2 IVF retrievals with donor sperm. Prior to now I never tried to get pregnant. I’ve had hsg, sis, hysteroscopy, blood work. All levels and tests within normal limits. The clinic I go to will transfer or freeze at day 3 if you retrieve less than 5 embryos. 1st I had 3 day 3 embryos and 2nd I had 4 day 3 embryos. AMH 1.34. It was suggested to me to do an ERA but I haven’t seen much convincing evidence for this test. I’m also not convinced that my embryos are of great quality. I’ve decided to do another retrieval and push to blast regardless of what happens. Do you think it’s necessary to do the ERA? In my gut I believe I may have better luck with blastocyst tested embryos? I’ve done one frozen transfer and it was modified natural. The other two transfers were fresh. Any information or advice will be helpful.