After scouring the Internet for some guidance as to why I was having trouble giving my daughter a sibling, I found Dr. Sher’s website. After reading everything I could, I had a hunch that NK cells were at play and keeping me from having a healthy pregnancy. I had been through 4 losses with unexplained secondary infertility before starting IVF. We had two textbook “perfect” FET’s fail. Then I called Patti (who is absolutely wonderful!) to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sher.

Dr. Sher was very thorough in reviewing my history. He was thoughtful in speaking with me during our consultation and spent time to connect with my local RE to review lab results and protocol. We just had our third FET last week and it was successful using Dr. Sher’s protocol for Immunologic Implantation Dysfunction (IID).

I cannot thank Dr. Sher enough for giving me hope again that I can have a healthy baby. My words will fail to express how much gratitude and how thankful I am for his work.