Dr Sher, Patti and the entire staff of Sher fertility solutions are God’s sent. To Patti, thank you so much for your patience and kindness towards everyone that comes to you to get to Dr Sher. You go above and beyond in making sure that problems and concerns are addressed. To Dr Sher, I am forever grateful for your knowledge dealing with infertility.

I have gone through multiple IVF circles and also had multiple implantation failures. I almost gave up on the idea of expanding my family. With God’s help, I took my case into my hands and started Googling. I came across Sher fertility solutions. Immediately I scheduled consultation appointment with Dr Sher with Patti’s assistance. Dr Sher ordered multiple tests that I needed to complete and I am so proud of myself that I listened to Dr Sher. My results showed that I have high NATURAL KILLER CELLS and that is causing my implantation failures even with normal PGD tested embryos. What a break through for me.!!!! The best part of Dr Sher is that he is over willing to work with your physicians anywhere you are. Dr Sher worked with my reproductive endocrinologist and Dr Sher’s protocols were followed. I can tell you that after my journey of failures and tears, I am finally pregnant. Just using Dr Sher’s protocols, I got BFP. Anyone reading this review, please don’t give up, work with Dr Sher and you will never ever regret it. My review is not over yet!