I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across Dr. Sher’s blog, what I learned about IVF success and protocols for those like me with DOR has been eye-opening. I felt lucky to receive a consult with such an experienced doctor who is such an expert in this field. And then I was blown away to find out he came out of retirement and you can still do IVF with him!

At the time of this review, my procedure is still 2-3 months away, but Dr. Sher has been great so far- he answered or promptly returned my phone calls, and I should have results from the specialty lab testing he does in about a week here and I can’t wait to find out a more complete picture about my fertility.

After struggling with infertility for so long, and interviewing different IVF clinics, I am so glad I just happened to find Dr. Sher. I feel very confident that his protocol will give me the best chance at a healthy embryo, and I look forward to IVF.