Dr Sher is the only physician that worked with me to find out why I have been having IVF failures. He listened to me, investigated and he offered me a treatment plan.

Dr Sher is always so kind to me and remembers everything about me when we converse. It makes me feel like he truly cares about me as a person and wants me to succeed with IVF. Patti, his assistant is amazing! She is so sweet and always so helpful.

Going through this process is extremely stressful. But because Dr Sher, Patti and all of his staff at his NYC office are so amazing, they make it a lot less stressful.

I am extremely grateful that my research led me to Dr Sher. I have my first FET with him in a few weeks and for the first time in my IVF journey, I feel hopeful.

Thank you Dr Sher, from the bottom of my heart.
-Gina, Washington State