Dr Sher was amazing! It felt so good to speak to someone who understands the problems I am having. The best is he has solutions to fix them!

Dr Sher and I had a consult via FaceTime. He gave me detailed explanations of the potential causes of failed implantation and helped me set up a plan to move forward. He explained everything in great detail which I appreciated so much. He then listened to me and answered all of my questions thoroughly so I ended the conversation feeling satisfied and hopeful.

Listening to him speak was great! He is very passionate about reproductive immunology and it’s evident by the way he explains it.

Patti, his secretary is so nice! She was very helpful in setting up the appointment and with other aspects. She is great!

I am so fortunate to be working with Dr Sher and Patti. I only wish I would have found him before I started my IVF journey. But am happy that I have him in my corner now. Thank you Dr Sher and Patti. I appreciate you both.