I am beyond thrilled that we found Dr. Sher. My husband and I only recently started our IVF journey, with me having been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (AMH of .54) a few months ago. After our first failed IVF attempt, I was left feeling dissatisfied with my previous Dr. because we received very little analysis, and I felt pushed to fit into a cookie-cutter protocol for the 2nd go-around. I was hesitant. I stumbled across Dr. Sher’s blog and many informative videos on IVF protocols, DOR etc. . I decided a consult with him wouldn’t hurt. Patti responded immediately and helped me set up a zoom call that very next day (knowing I was under time pressure to make a decision with my now former Dr.). After speaking to Dr. Sher over a video call (that lasted an HOUR), he impressed upon us the importance of an individualized plan. I was shocked that he took the time to review all of my numbers and prior IVF history and provide us with an INDIVIDUALIZED roadmap that we could take to our current Dr. Except that we chose not to go back! Dr. Sher is very knowledgeable and more importantly, he takes the time to review your own personal history and provide feedback on what approach he thinks is best suited for you. If you want individualized care, and don’t want to just be put in a “one-size fits all box”, he is the right Dr. for you.

I will update again after my cycle is complete, however. I cannot say enough positive things about his staff, my Nurse, Patti everyone has been on top of it! Very encouraging so far.