I found Sher Fertility Solutions after multiple failed and canceled cycles at a clinic with a one size fits all protocol. Dr. Sher takes many factors into account and does extensive blood-work for his patients in order to find the most suitable individualized protocol for them. I truly feel he has each of his patient’s best interests at heart and sincerely appreciate his direct honesty. He moved quickly and effectively and I never felt like I was waiting around for answers. Dr. Sher doesn’t make any promises he cannot keep and sincerely cares about each of his patients.

Patti is absolutely fantastic, I can only imagine how busy she is managing all of Dr. Sher’s patients but she is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and attentive. Any time I have had a question or needed to speak to Dr. Sher or schedule a call quickly, she is always available and quick to act.

Dr. Sher and Patti make an excellent team and truly make me feel like I am part of a concierge-style program instead of just another medical chart. I cannot recommend Sher Fertility Solutions more highly.