Dear Dr.Sher. I am an ENT doctor from Europe. I am diagnosed with PCOS and I have amenorrhea and no ovulation at all. One year ago my fertility doctor prescribed me Letrozol, because I wanted to conceive. Not only that I didn’t have ovulation, but there was also a complete lack of estrogen and very very thin uterine lining. Due to this result we decided to do an IVF. The stimulation protocol was done, but we decided to do FET due to the high risk of ovarian hyperstimulation. We did the embryotransfer on the 20th day while I had estrogen and progesteron supplementation. Unfortunately my period came seven days after the transfer and I don’t know why. I performed a blood test and the values of estrogen and profesteron were normal. My fertility doctor cannot find an explanation either. We have another frozen embryos and we will try again, but since we don’t have an explanation I am afraid that menstruation could come again early.