Ask Our Doctors

Name: Charlotte D

August 11, 2022
Dear Dr Sher, I recently had a baseline scan and oestrogen and progesterone blood tests for an upcoming FET cycle. The scan and blood tests identified a 2.5cm hormone-producing simple cyst on my left ovary. I have been prescribed 21 days of Provera (2 x 10mg tablets daily), which I’m told usually resolves these cysts. […]

Name: Patrick R

August 10, 2022
We have an extra embryo to donate to another couple or science. What are our options?

Name: Jimena A

August 10, 2022
Good day Dr. Geoffrey, I salute you from Mexico City. I’m in the mieddle of the preparatios for the FET, and I want to know what should the maximium estradiol levels be at the day before my FET. Today I’m on day 13 of my cycle and my endometrium is meassuring 9 mm. Thank you […]

Name: Jacqueline S

August 9, 2022

Name: Esther L

August 8, 2022
Hi Dr. Sher, I am asking this question after first egg retrieval. I am 40 years old, first time doing this IVF. I saw about 23 follicles during ultrasound and was on 21 days lupron protocol ended with 20 eggs, 13 matured, 10 fertilized and 6 became 6 days blastocysts. After pgta I got results […]

Name: Elona K

August 4, 2022
Hi Dr. Sher, Just following up from my last question regarding my 14mm follicle on day 15 when I had a LH surge… isn’t this too small of a follicle for a surge to happen meaning an immature/eggless follicle? I thought a mature follicle must reach a minimum of 17mm in order for a surge […]

Name: Elona K

August 4, 2022
Hi Dr.Sher, I am doing an investigative cycle through my fertility clinic this month. Yesterday was my day 15 and on ultrasound I had a dominant follicle measuring 14mm. It was growing at a rate of 1mm per day since day 10. The nurse informed me that based on the size of the follicle that […]

Name: Maryam F

August 4, 2022
Im looking to have a girl for my third pregnancy after having 2 boys. I have had no fertility issue and for both my kids I got pregnant in my first try. Do you have any gender selection service? Like IUI or IVF?

Name: Kristine S

August 4, 2022
Hello Dr. Sher, I can only imagine how busy you are so I will try to make this question as brief and concise as possible. I just turned 39. Currently 5wks pregnant (naturally conceived–was told it was an impossibility by RE). I have Graves disease and Hashimotos. History of two miscarriages around 8wks (healthy heartbeats, […]

Name: Ola

July 28, 2022
Dear Dr. Sher, Do you recommend Sildenafil 4x 25mg/day during the follicular phase or only when the embryo transfer is scheduled? Do you recommend Sildenafil although there are no previous evidences of lack of thickening of the endometrial walls? Thank you

Name: Vanessa A

July 27, 2022
I need your advice. I have had two failed embryo transfers. I had my embryos PGT tested and they were normal and very high-quality embryos. I am 37 years old with no underlining health conditions. But maternal history of endometriosis. I have not been diagnosed with this. The second transfer my doctor place me on […]

Name: Ola

July 26, 2022
Dear Dr. Sher, I would like to ask you about DUO stim protocol for women with DOR. Is it OK to have double stim within the same menstruation cycle? I have DOR, endometriosis stage 1, MTHFR, 35 yrs old and 12 chemical pregnancies. I want to continue with your protocol A/ACP with HGH but just […]

Name: Elies E

July 25, 2022
Dear Doctor, I saw your video on internet and I noticed that you master very well my case. I have very low ovarian reserve Amh=0.4 So I live in France and I want to came and have an ivf protocol with you. Thank you very much