Hello Dr. Sher,

We transferred a single 5-day blastocyst January 30th. Our first hcg level was 1005 miu/ml at 14 days post-transfer, and 2nd hcg was 2200 miu/ml at 16 days. Two fetuses were present when we went in for our first ultrasound 5 weeks after our transfer on March 7th (~7 weeks 5 days pregnant if I’ve calculated that right). However, a heart beat was only detected in one fetus that seemed on track developmentally. The other fetus without a heart beat was about a week or so behind.

Our understanding is that these would have been monochorionic twins. While we’re sad about the loss, we are trying to stay hopeful that the remaining fetus has a good shot at progressing to term. Are you aware of any risks to a fetus that loses its monochorionic twin early in pregnancy? Any thoughts on potential outcomes? We’re not sure if we should be hopeful or manage our expectations. We’ve another ultrasound booked next week, but the wait is distressing.

Thanks so much for what you do on here. We’ve been on a long journey trying to overcome primary infertility and your previous insights have given us great comfort in other moments of trouble.

Thanks again,