Hi Dr. Sher-

I just completed my first failed IVF cycle and I’m left shocked and confused by the results, for both egg retrieval and transfer. I am 38 years old, AMH is 5.12, FSH 6.3, follicle count around 40- No PCOS that we can see- normal appearing ovaries and pretty regular cycles. We went for IVF due to male factor- low sperm count around 5 mil per ml.

For my egg retrieval: 20 eggs were retrieved, but only 11 were mature. Of those 11, 5 were degenerated. I am still not quite sure what that means and have asked another medical professional about it who was unfamiliar. Only 6 could be fertilized with ICSI. Of those 6, 5 fertilized and 3 made it to blast. Of the 3 blast, 1 tested PGA normal.

I transferred my PGA normal last month and got pregnant. However the pregnancy stopped progressing at 6 weeks. I am now waiting to miscarry. It was a 5AA hatching blasts as well. I was told that the chance of miscarriage was only 10%.

I am looking to try again, but confused about the next steps. My RE doesn’t think anything should be done differently. However, I was very disappointed by egg retrieval and only having 6 eggs to work with considering my high follicle count. I have looked into degenerated eggs and found one article that points the finger to the egg retrieval process itself causing it by the drugs or the egg extraction itself. The article did not find a correlation with age as my doctor told me.

What is your experience with degenerated eggs? Can this be caused by uneven growth or over mature eggs? During my egg retrieval process, it seemed to me that my eggs were growing in 3 different groups in terms of size. I was not put on birth control prior.

Any advice on why my transfer failed? I have a history of polyps, but had one removed 2 months prior to doing the transfer. I had a fear of one growing during the transfer cycle with the estrace and my doctor thought he may have seen a small polyp, but I choose to transfer anyway. It seems I have had polyps in cycles where medication is given that affects estrogens levels and not in off cycles. For example, I had two develop, each in separate IUI cycles using letrozole. I did not develop any in my cycle without medication.

Sorry for all of the information. I don’t know where to turn now and don’t want my second IVF to be a repeat of the first.

Thank you for any advice you can offer!