Hi Dr.Sher,
Thank you for taking the time to help all of us.

I was on Birth Control for two years, came out of it and became pregnant naturally. Unfortunately the baby had a severe heart defect and we had to terminate the pregnancy at 21 weeks.

After the loss we did fertility testing and found my husband had low motility. So we did one letrozole Timed Intercourse, one IUI (both failed) and moved to IVF. We checked for endometritis and came back negative. We did hysteroscopy and it was normal. Our first transfer failed.

My question is, the only time I was pregnant was after a long suppression of BirthControl.
Does it indicate that I may have silent endometriosis and the long suppression helped? Would you suggest me to get tested for endometriosis/immuno factors at this point?

Thanks a lot Dr.Sher.