Hello Dr. Sher,

As background, We have been trying to conceive naturally for 2 years. We failed 2 ivf transfers ( both times Fet transfers with confirmed viable euploid blastocysts. 1st transfer was a double blastocyst transfer which’s resulted in chemical pregnancy and second was a single euploid blastocyst transfer, which did not implant. We currently have 2 more blastocysts left. In both embryo transfers endometrium was 10mm thick).

Recently, we did an immunology study with
Fertilysis. The results are as follows:


-Low to medium risk autoimmunity detected with marginally increased NK cells (CD56+/CD16+ NK Lymphocytes 12.94 (reference <12))


-Leukocyte antibody detection (LAD) : Slight increase (less than 50% increase) from baseline in anti-paternal antibody production.

-HLA DQ alpha matching : 50% matched!

-KIR/ HLA-C2 Mismatch: No risk factor for infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss.

-Based on this information, do we go ahead and treat?
-If we are treating ( IL with prednisone) when do we start the IL and prednisone prior to another embryo transfer?
– what is the trade name of the IL medication usually used, dose/concentration and frequency of administration.
– what is the dose of prednisone and when do you start and stop administerstion during pregnancy.